The memoir “En Route” by Abigail Zuger is about her experiences as a medical professional during the critical period of AIDS outbreak helping the patients to survive.Read and discuss

En Route:  Abigail Zuger

The memoir “En Route” by Abigail Zuger is about her experiences as a medical professional during the critical period of AIDS outbreak helping the patients to survive. She addresses the best practices of dealing with patients by treating them as real human beings. Zuger manifests this by taking care of an AIDS patient who is quite troubled by attending her performances. The patient by the name Audrey was very happy and behaved like a patient when Abigail treated her with dignity. This shows that treating other people well can have a positive effect on their lives. Zuger encourages people to treat others well at a personal level such as doing little things like smiling, hugging, or just greeting them. Ignoring them will make their problems worse especially the AIDS patients. The story was quite interesting and written in a convincing manner to show the necessary of a good patient-doctor relationship. How one treats other people is more than what one gives them as an attitude is created, which can strengthen a relationship or weaken it.

Zuger begins her essay by setting the tone for the piece to the reader when she remembers her experiences during internship back in 1981. By talking about a patient who visited the hospital many times due to drug addition, she sets the place for the story in which it happened in a hospital. The beginning is effective as it allows the reader to understand why Zuger feels that attending to the needs of the patient and being close to them is more than just accomplishing the role of a medical doctor. However, it would be better if she started her essay by going farther to her days in medical school to let people know her techniques back then. The intended audience for Zuger’s work is medical professionals such as the doctors, nurses, and others that deal with patients on a daily basis. The public is also targeted in this message as she advises everyone to do well to others and not just follow rules, procedures, orders, and regulations. She passes the message of compassion to all human beings to help them in giving service to those in need.

Abigail Zuger’s En Route is a piece that is quite illuminating to the reader as she puts a lot of emphasis on both literal and figurative medicine. She compares two doctors, and the comments do not portray them as competent professionals due to the way they carry out their jobs. For instance, when she argues, “Dr. Confidence and Dr. Data would’ve never made the cut for her simply because they did not have the care that she had”. Here she means that the two have the skills similar to hers, but she goes an extra mile to care for the patients. This shows that the society is full of such doctors who love sticking to the set rules and follows the steps on how things should be done. It is aimed to show the problem with the medics and other staff who do not go beyond their teachings to do more and develop a personal relationship with patients. She uses strong statements and arguments to show why it is good to do more than just prescribing, dressing, and treating patients. Abigail has a message for the medical staff to give small gestures, which can make a significant impact on the patient and the doctor such as kindness. The way she wraps up her arguments is perfect as the statement encourages excellent performance rather than following routines and requirements. The statement “I wonder if anyone else realizes that sometimes it can all boil down to a doughnut” (829) sums it up with a strong message. Zuger demonstrates exactly what the medical practitioners need to do through her vivid description of her personal experiences with patients. This is meant to draw the attention of the reader leading to a significant connection between the reader and the text. The detailed description she uses for her patients helps the reader to see the extent of her experiences.

Zuger argues that neither of the two doctors would last a moment in her world since their way of working is very different from her own. She is very compassionate with her patients and does more than just prescribing drugs or giving other forms of treatment. She has the purpose of informing everybody to act in the most humane way all the time at the place of work. Her writing is quite informative considering that she advises people to be helpful and not just fulfill their duties. She also intends to persuade professionals, especially in the medical field to be close to their clients. For instance, she becomes very close to the woman suffering from AIDS, which helps her to have positive living and cope with the illness. The two doctors to her cannot have a significant impact on the well-being of patients since they are never close to their patients as she is. The genre of this piece of writing is an argument that tries to persuade people to participate in acts that show compassion to others. For instance, a doctor should not only treat but also guides and follows up on the progress of the patient.

The writer is a doctor, and her stance is passionate as she shows a lot of compassion to her patients by being friendly and attending some of their functions when her schedule allows.  The medium she uses is print text in which she highlights her ideas about being a doctor. This means that giving service to the patients is more than following the procedures as per the training, which entails many recordings. Considering that doctors and other medical professionals work to improve the wellbeing of patients, Zuger feels that love and commitment must be the priority. Although doctors should keep records of treatment and other daily activities, such tasks should not hinder them from giving their patients the best. It is not the matter of bandaging, prescribing, and doing other medical procedures to a patient, but a doctor should be very close to them and ensure that they have a positive attitude. This will make the patients have complete trust in the doctor and confide in them, especially if they have other mental and psychological challenges. A good relationship between the medical professionals and the patients is vital for strengthening their relationship and ensuring quality services to the patients. This is what Zuger tried to explain in her memoir through real life experiences as a doctor.














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