Public Administrators and the Media

Public Administrators and the Media


Press Release by US Administration on Humanitarian Assistance in Response to the Syria Crisis

Role of Media in the Dissemination of the Press Release

Media being the centre for information gathering and release of the information to the public, accuracy of the information being released is one of the major concerns of media houses. Based on the press release by the US government spokesman on the humanitarian assistance of the Syria crisis victims, media must ensure that information from the press release is passed to the public without distortion (Stratemeyer, 2009). The other role of the media through dissemination of the press release by the US government is to ensure they clear reporting about the report by considering some of the consequences that may result due to shoddy journalism as it may result to misunderstanding of the information passed by the public. Additionally, it is the role of the media to ensure that the information passed is within the boundary of the information they are required to release to the public as per the norms that govern their operations as members of fourth estate (Stratemeyer, 2009). Therefore, by considering the above roles during information gathering and reporting, media will ensure better operation without facing various challenges as noticed currently.

Interest Group and their Agenda towards the Press Released on Syria by US

            Syria crisis has been one of major concern to the government and citizens of the United States in Syria, in America and Syria citizens in both states as well. Additionally, because Syria crisis affect countries that relates to the two nations, the problem is a global problem as well. Hence, interest groups for the release are United States citizens, both in Syria and America, Syria citizens in both nations and other states and nations globally (U.S. Department of State, 2013). To the Americans who were victims of the Syria crisis, the press release was to make them understand that US government is doing anything possible to ensure that they are well and recover from their injuries through the provision of food and better medication. Press releases was also directed to Syria government and citizens in order to inform them on the current plans by the US government on the situation and are expected to do what it takes to end the situation (U.S. Department of State, 2013). Moreover, the target groups are other countries globally for them to understand the current situation and what the government of US is doing to ensure the problem faced come to an end as soon as possible.

Form of the Press Release and its effects on Agenda Setting

Since the occurrence of the Syrian crisis, no proper agreement has been made towards a better solution as both parties are pulling apart. Thus, any press released from any parties involved need to be both formative and persuasive. Based on the information released by the US government on the humanitarians in Syrian, the information passed is in the form of a combination of both persuasive and informative towards addressing its target groups (Stratemeyer, 2009). On the effect of the choice of the press release to agenda setting is that it discourages shoddy journalism as journalist are expected to pass the information exactly as it was released without any interference. Because the information will be passed a number of times through the media, media should ensure that their agenda setting does not affect the original content of the press release. Therefore, it becomes a challenge for the media as they need to develop agenda setting that does not distort the information being passed.

Main Points and Sub-points of the Press Release

Although press release on the United States humanitarian assistance in response to the Syrian crisis covered various areas over the ongoing crisis in Syrian, some of the main areas covered through the report include move by the United States government to reach and provide food and medication and other basic provisions to their citizens in Syria (U.S. Department of State, 2013). The other main area of concern is the measures that the United States government takes towards funding and protecting various programs that are involves in the provision of the required basic services to the American citizens in Syria. Additionally, the report released by the US government also had some minor areas that were covered. For instance, through the report, the government also provided a figure of people affected and areas that they currently reside (U.S. Department of State, 2013).

Possible Venues for Delivering the US Press Release on Syrian Crisis

Due to the emergence of computer technology, various media sites have been developed that people and organizations may use to convey their messages to the target groups. Therefore, the government of the United States would have also used other venues to communicate the information contained in the press release to the public (Stratemeyer, 2009). For instance, they would have used internet sources through the use of administration website. Because most of the target groups have access to internet, the message would have being passed yet. Apart from using their website as a channel for passing the information, other venues would have included public rallies and other public gathering (Stratemeyer, 2009). However, the choice of the venue and the channel through which the press is to be released is based on the content, target group, timely of the information and surety that the channel and venue is the best approach to pass the information.

Effects of Media in Agenda Setting and Public Opinion

            According to Stratemeyer (2009), media is unable to operate without considering agenda setting and public opinions. Through agenda setting, media get best approaches that help them to pass information to the people. Some of the information passed during press release may not be easy for the public to understand as they may sound complex. However, through the use of agenda setting, media houses have the opportunity to develop these stories in a manner that the general public would easily understand. It is also through agenda setting that media houses are able to influence various views affecting the public and government as well (Stratemeyer, 2009). Additionally, it is through public opinion that media personalities learn how the information to be passed would affect the public. In case the effect is extreme, then media must come up with other ways of passing such information as guided by media laws.

Pros and Cons of Public Relations

Public relations have various advantages and disadvantages depending on the effect and influences it has on the information collected and communicated by media as found by Stratemeyer (2009). For instance, public relation is important to both public and the media because it help in collecting information. It is through the information collected using public relation that keeps media and public up to date on issues that surround them. Public relation is also important because it help people to get the kind of services that they require. On the slip side, public relation also has negative influence to the people and media as well. For instance, it may mislead both media and public when the information gathered is false (Stratemeyer, 2009). Therefore, media and public should provide accurate information on information in order to avoid misleading information that can result to confusion and misunderstanding of the information being conveyed.


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