UK literature


I conducted a study on barriers in the implementation of the recovery model for community health nurses. The aim of the study was to undertake a literature review and documentary analysis to identify and analyse UK literature that is specific to the recovery model. Specifically, the review focused on the barriers to implementing the recovery model for community mental health nurses.

The objectives of the study were as follows (Stacey, Fellon & Bonham, 2013);

  • Undertake a literature search of electronic sources from various databases including NICE, medical journals, Ministry of Health, medical disciplines using certain terms on recovery in the mental health sector.
  • Carry out an internet search of ‘grey literature’ for relevant information
  • To present an analysis of the findings of the literature identified
  • Provide a critique of the literature
  • Identify a gap in literature
  • Provide aspects for future research


The literature search was carried out using several electronic databases from several disciplines, including nursing (RCN), allied health professionals (AMED), Ministry of Health, social care (ASSIA), and abstracts from MEDLINE and Scopus. Several search terms were using to guide in getting the appropriate literature for review. These included, “mental health,” “recovery model,” recovery-based models,” “barriers to recovery,” and “nursing.” To gather a comprehensive literature, a combination of these terminologies was also used, which expanded the search significantly. Therefore, all the articles that were deemed appropriate for the review were scrutinized and chosen for the analysis. In addition, the NIH scoring system was employed to determine the methodological quality of the studies retrieved for the study. Independent reviewers were expected to review 30% of the literature chosen for the study using the same scoring system to establish whether the sources meet the criteria for inclusion for the area under investigation (Nash, 2010).

Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

For the purpose of this review, the literature that was deemed appropriate was classified into several categories, which corresponded directly to the barriers to implementing the recovery model among nurses in mental health care. These include the following;

  • Literature that deals with the current recovery models/frameworks or conceptualizations;
  • Literature that addresses social inequalities and theory related to mental health recovery;
  • Any literature that addressed how people with lived experience contributed to the development of the recovery model;
  • Grey literature or any scholarly literature dealing with the development of mental health recovery models

Some literature, although relevant to mental health, was excluded for the purpose of this literature review. This was advised by the necessity to narrow down the review to include only literature that dealt with mental health recovery models (Gould, 2010), frameworks, and conceptualization. Therefore, any literature that did not have the word “recovery” was excluded for the purpose of this review. Therefore, excluded literature included the following;

  • Literature that deals with mental health in general without the word ‘recovery’;
  • Literature related to trauma recovery;
  • Literature that does not address any particular part of the research question, even if it has the concept of mental health recovery
  • Literature that deals with substance abuse
  • Literature that, although dealt with the question under investigation, had focus on other countries apart from the UK


Gould, N. (2010). Mental health social work in context. London: Routledge.

Nash, M. (2010). Physical health and well-being in mental health nursing: clinical skills for practice. Berkshire, UK: McGraw-Hill.

Stacey, G., Fellon, A. & Bonham, P. (2013). Placement learning in mental health nursing, a guide for students in practice. London: Elsevier Health Sciences.



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