union organizing campaign briefing for senior management

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Written Assignment 2 (20%): (2-5 pages of text content, see format/instructions and grading rubric below)

You have been hired by XYZ as a consultant. They are currently facing a union organizing campaign. You have been asked to write a briefing for senior management. Your document must address:

a. What are the basic differences, from the employer’s viewpoint, in operating in a union-free environment vs. a unionized environment?

b. What are management representatives permitted to say and do during the campaign? What, if any, actions or statements are prohibited?

A reminder to cite and reference two sources from scholarly journals or credible news source, in addition to the class textbook and other course materials.

Format and Instructions for Written Assignments 1 & 2:

1. In addition to citing the textbook, you are expected to use three (3) or more current (dated 2011 to present) scholarly/academic or acceptable outside sources (cited within text and referenced in APA style with a hyperlink).

2. Format the document using Microsoft Word with double-spacing, one inch margins on all sides, a 12 point font, page numbering, and include subheadings to organize your content.

3. Start with a title page (with the course name and number, your topic, your name, and the date of submission). Your content should be 3-5 pages of text, excluding graphs/chats, the tile page, and list of references.

4. Make sure your content is comprehensive and addresses the issues, concerns, and questions asked in the order in which they are asked.

5. Write your paper with clear syntax, correct grammar, and spelling.

6. Upload into your Assignments folder with file name as follows: Lastname.FirstInitial.HRMN362.Assign1 (or Assign2).doc (or .docx).
For example. Smith.J.HRMN362.Assign1.doc