Why Haiti Matters

Why Haiti Matters

Haiti as a nation has been prone to several different disasters, political instability, and economic problems since the time it was discovered. Columbus first discovered Haiti when he explored it on December 6 1492. It is a Caribbean country, which is on the western side of the Islands of Hispaniola. It has a government, which is elected by the people, that is, it has a democratic government. It is one of the poorest and least developed nations in the whole world. It was the first black nation to attain independence and the first Caribbean state to throw away the French as their colonialist and abolishes slave trade in the early nineteenth century. It has been hit by several crises raging from political crisis to health crisis. In conjunction to this, lately Haiti was hit by another crisis, which is the earthquake that led to almost flattening its capital city Port-au-Prince. Despite all this problems, Haiti is of great importance to the US due to various reasons.

One of the ways in which Haiti matters is in the re-writing of the history after the world war one. America has been an oppressor of Haiti by supporting France in the colonization of Haiti. It is in this opportunity where Haiti has been hit by a crisis that America can re-write the history by saving the lives of people of Haiti and the Haiti government (The New York Times, 2011). America can re- write the history by trying to help the government restore peace and order in the country. Additionally, America can try to re-write their history by trying to build Haiti in all ways possible without the interference of the affairs of the Haitian government.

Haiti matters to the American government due to the amount of heroism it has produced. It was the first black nation and Caribbean nation to attain independence and yet it was very poor to afford to maintain Louisiana. Additionally, it matters because it has never stopped fighting for its independence despite the huge opposition it has been facing from the United States government. Therefore, it means that Haiti has been one of those nations that have been struggling to survive from political interference, earthquakes, and poor economic background. Despite all this, they have been able to survive.

Haiti also matters more in relation to racists. This means that Haiti has no excuses from all its political problems and other crisis that might be affecting it. Haiti has been an excellent example of people who are loyalists, ready to die for their country despite the economic situation that the country is in at any particular moment. Haiti people have never been affected by what others nations think about them. Due to this, they had been able to bring back stability and economy in their country but because of the crisis, they have been pulled back. However, they are not ready to give up and they have gone ahead with hope of building a better nation.

Haiti is very important to the different investors who want to help in the building of the nation. At this point, America can become an external investor of the nation, which can build it to a better nation, and additionally, it can benefit from it from the various investments that have been in the country (Pion-Berlin, 2009). However, these investments do not have to be bad but they have to be those, which are boosting the economy of Haiti as opposed to the earlier days where most of the investments that were done by America were to oppress it.

Lastly, Haiti matters to us because it can be used as a teacher to teach the history of how the slaves gathered to defeat the colonialist, the French. Haiti was filled with slaves who came together, fought one of the most powerful nations in the whole world, and won the battle. Additionally, Haiti has taught us to look deeply into the matter or in any situation and not let the media deceive a way of thinking. In conjunction, Haiti has also offered us with a very important information or word of wisdom and shown us that it is still a brave nation, which can persevere any kind of problem (Pion-Berlin, 2009).

Therefore, it can be concluded that Haiti matters to the US more than they think despite of the many crisis and the poor economic status they have. It is a nation filled with a lot of history, which dates back from the time of the colonial power. Haiti matters because it also led to the end of slavery and helped the black nations in discovering that they can also be able in defeating the colonial powers. Lastly, Haiti is a teacher to many nations in its books of history of how gained it independence.



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