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Speech is the ability to speak without any restrictions or limitation. Freedom of speech in the Bill of Rights indicates that parliament has no power to make laws in respect to establishment of religion or restricting free exercise or limiting the freedom of speech. Until 1986, the guiding principle concerning limits of student speech was that school officials could not censure student speech unless it creates substantial and material disruption or interruption on school activities. In April1999, there was the killing of thirteen and wounding of 23 people at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. Two of the perpetrators who were teenagers committed suicide. This story led to the uncovering of many other killings committed by students, sometimes at schools. This occurrence also led to the justification of limitation on student speech in several ways. For example, dress codes were introduced, which required students to wear school uniforms to school. It was assumed that by imposing school uniforms on students, incidences of wearing clothes with violent expressions would reduce. School districts have challenged student expressions in terms of vulgar expressions, sexual innuendos, rude expressions and plainly offensive expression. Other forms of expressions that are challenged are wearing of t-shirts with drug related or anti-homosexual messages and some theatre performances for example vagina monologues.

The case Morse v. Frederick questions the limitations of free speech in that Frederick decided to display the fourteen-foot banner in front of a large crowd outside his school. His principal decided to suspend him for ten days regarding the message displayed as being pro-drugs. This case questions the limitations of free speech in that, he was not actually in school and this raises the issue of whether the principal had the power to limit his free speech. On the other hand, this was a school-sponsored event thus the principal might have acted in her jurisdiction. The lawyers Kenneth Starr and Jay Sekulow are similar in that, they both oppose the message that Frederick was displaying. Sekulow describes it as uncommonly funny and says he deeply opposes it. In addition, they also agree that when it is a school-sponsored event, school authorities have the power to limit the student free speech if it disrupts school activities and is not in accordance to school basic rules and regulations.

On the other hand, Starr is the dean of Pepperdine University School of law while Sekulow is chief counsel for the American Centre for law and justice. We expect that they should be on the same side when it comes to legal matters, but this is not the case. Starr represented Principal Morse while Sekulow supports Frederick. The main issue that they disagree upon is that Starr says that he was under the authority of the school while Sekulow says that he was outside school and could express himself. Sekulow even says that the principal overreacted when it came to this matter.

Supreme courts’ oral arguments were very tough and argumentative. Justice Kennedy was very tough and always wanted direct answers from the lawyers. Starr was given eighteen minutes, Kneedler was given ten and Mertz was given seventeen minutes to present his argument. Justice Kennedy and Justice Souter interrupted Starr severally. He handled the interruptions calmly and continued to answer the questions asked. Mr. Kneedler was also interrupted by Justice Kennedy but was not so calm about it. He sometimes got agitated and could not answer the questions asked. Mr. Mertz was also interrupted severally and he acted very calm about the questions asked and was direct in his answers to the Justices. Most Justices decided that limits on student speech should be tightened and Frederick lost the case.

The Tinker case of 1969 was about students who wore black armbands to school, to protest the Vietnam War. They were suspended and went to Supreme Court to report this issue. The court decided that the students were right and that the school districts did not have the right to censure student free speech not unless it causes material disruptions on the school activities. I agree with the court ruling because it encourages free speech among students. It gives students the freedom to express themselves without limitations.

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