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Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

Instructions: Your responses should demonstrate your understanding of the course content and your analysis and critical thinking; you are not expected to just re-iterate what is in the textbook and the course modules, but to integrate the information and apply it to the specific question. Proper APA style must be used for any citations and references that you use. Place your answers within this document directly below each question and submit to your Assignments Folder as an attached MS Word document.

1. (20%) Design a wireless home network. First, describe the type of usage you and your family members would require. Then include at least 4 components that would be connected to the network. Then provide a list of the required hardware (assume you now have nothing), the types of software, connectivity components, etc. required to fully implement the home network. Don’t forget to address security issues – what are the risks and how would you minimize those risks.

2. (15%) Name and describe three specific ways that people’s privacy is being threatened. Explain what measures can be taken to guard privacy in the situations you’ve described.

3. (15%) Explain what are computer-based information systems; describe three types of information systems, the audience or level of management served by each, and how the systems provide benefit to the organization.

4. (15%) What are the differences and similarities between the four types of memory chips described in your textbook? Describe in your own words to demonstrate your understanding. If you were upgrading your home computer for Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010, what type of memory might you want to increase and what is the recommended amount?

5. When is it best to use a pie chart? Give two business examples in support of your answer.

6. What is conditional formatting with Highlight Cells Rules? Give one example of how this feature can be useful in business.

7. What is the difference between a relative cell reference and an absolute cell reference? When would you make a reference absolute? Provide an example of when you would use an absolutely cell reference.

8. What are the four ways to add a function to a formula?

9. Provide an example demonstrating the benefit of a relational database.

10. Why is it important to back up your database? What are two specific methods to perform this backup?

11. What are the benefits of using Slide Master view in PowerPoint?

12. Describe how you would apply slide transitions to your PowerPoint presentation. Discuss what you should consider when using transitions timing options for your animated objects.

13. Name the five views available in Word, and identify which of those five is the default view.

14. Why is it important to select the appropriate Reference style for your paper? What does Word require you to do before it can create a bibliography? What are the two choices for titling your references section?