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Public Reaction to Conspiracy theories after watching News

According to a 1996 Gallup poll, it was revealed that 71 percent of the U.S agreed that the government has been hiding substantial information about UFOs. Interestingly, 88 percent of Americans believed that the government was behind Martin Luther King assassination, and this applies to John F. Kennedy. It is in this relation that Americans have constantly felt deprived off their democratic rights. As a result, America has constantly been undergoing periodical panics due to the development of uncertain situations. So, it is lucid to establish that conspiracy theories are primarily responsible for instigating a culture of lost hope. The results of a failed political culture are chiefly responsible for changing governments ‘from democrats to republicans. Conspiracy theories are also responsible for the development of failed policies; for instance, the Patient, Protection and Affordable Act (2010). Thirdly, conspiracy theories are instrumental in instigating a general rebellion of American citizens to the central government.

The Alex Jones Channel (2013) produced a video in which the concept of rebellion to state is greatly explored. Commonly bailed out as democracy or freedom of speech, it is coherent to note that street rebellion is not a relative culture as compared to the nation’s tranquility. However, the knowledge on the legitimacy of conspiracy theories is disturbing. Primarily, it is not a matter of the responsive reaction after an event of discovery of a conspiracy, but what matters is who did what, where and when. Tuna Ghost attempts to present the “government shill” as a primary cause of disorientation and public anger directed to the American government. Therefore, to this regard, a general rebellion is a critical reflection that the American public does not trust their government. This explains why Americans change governments regularly (democrats to republicans or otherwise). Secondly, general rebellion often grounds the development of un-pragmatic laws, which in any case, fail at the level of implementation. Keep visiting this blog for revelation on the role of News in the development of conspiracy theories. Our next article will cover the role of politicians in the development conspiracy theories.


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